Five Keys for a Life of Abundant Pleasure

I invite you to learn how to easily change the actions that hinder abundance from materializing in your life. 5 weeks • 5 keys for a revolution ( or makeover) and a change to a life of pleasure and abundance.
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5 keys to Change, Action, Now.

With 5 keys you CAN conceive a life of pleasure and actualize the pleasure in life

 The 5 keys came to my life when I asked, how can I expand the space of questions for more people with ease?

The awareness I received was very clear – 5 magical keys, to change reality, now.

5 topics that when people are willing to change their points of view regarding them, their reality will change immediately.

In Chinese philosophy, the frequency of the number 5,

Speaking of the emperor, who saw himself as the Son of God, as the heart – Where have we forgotten that we are God’s creation?

What if we are built from the consciousness of the number 5?

We have 23 chromosomes, 32 teeth, 5 fingers in each hand, 5 centers of thought in the brain, 5 senses, 32 points of the Access Consciousness Bars…

What if 5 us the Master key to create a greater change than ever?

When we are ready and willing to let go of our points of view about the five topics: reality, mind, body, sex and money – our reality changes accordingly.

What if it is possible for us to be and to receive much more pleasure in life when we are willing to release the points of view that created our current reality with the mind, body, sex and money?

With everything I have been willing to receive and change in the last 22 years,

I’ve focused on five topics,

That if you would be willing to change your points of view regarding them, your reality will change. And that is a promise.

How can I guarantee such a thing?

What if this reality is not something we respond to, but is something that responds to us, to our very requests?

That means that if you are willing to change your points of view, your reality will also change.

And this is not faith, or prayer.

This is the mechanism by which this reality functions.

The five keys to Change.Action,Now, will show you how things occur and actualize in your life, and this will allow you to become the “master” of your mind, the creator of your reality, and not the other way around. The five keys will show you that you CAN.

You CAN have the master key to choose a life of abundant pleasure.

Aren’t you tired of suffering?

Aren’t you tired of struggling with everything?

Aren’t you tired of being confused, insecure, and afraid of making a mistake?

Aren’t you tired of dreaming, doing everything and being disappointed?

What if there was another way you could actuelize for yourself what you really want to receive with much more ease than ever before?

You ask what is the way?

Choosing and receiving the five keys for Change, Action, Now. will allow you both together and individually, to change the way you function in the world.

What if when you change the way you function in the world, the way the world conducts itself also changes?

You can choose to receive all the keys, especially now during the launch, with a significant discount and lots of gifts and bonuses. Or you can choose them individually, one at a time, at your own pace.

And so you will have the master key, to a life of Change, Action, Now. Life of abundant pleasure.

What are the possibilities to receive everything you have ever desired, with so much ease?

Gifts for choosing all 5 keys

Bonus 1
Whatsapp group
Closed for accompaniment and empowerment

Bonus 2
Inspirational meeting (sixth in the series)
Which includes a taste of your personal destiny map

A gift of about 1000 NIS

Bonus 3
Roadmap course
Maneuver your Mind + Road Map Kit

A gift of about 800 NIS

Bonus 4
from Fighting and Sacrifice, to Closeness

A gift of about 380 NIS

Bonus 5
5 Magnetic inspiration
for the creation of another reality …

A gift of about 50 NIS

And for those of you who are willing to get much more … more is coming!

Instead of paying 8030 NIS

You will pay less than half, 4000 NIS and you will receive all five keys to a life of abundant pleasure, right now.

When you choose to receive both the Five Keys to a Life of Plenty of Pleasure in Five Weeks of Transformation and my half-yearly empowerment program “Be Your Voice, More” based on your destiny map, you will receive another 10% discount on the semi-annual empowerment program, beyond the special price I Offers it now.

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Reality Key – The key to reality, will gift you tools to understand how this reality works, and how you can maneuver in and manipulate this reality (even what has already been actualized) to your advantage in creating a greater reality than ever

Mind Key – the thinking part of our brain.  This will gift you tools to
understand how your mind thinks and works, and manipulate it for change, for you and not against you.  We will learn to use the framework with which your mind works, to receive much more than you have received until now, because the mind resists change.  Why?  Because it cannot both watch itself and protect you…
Ready to have a greater change working with your mind, and not against it? What if the power of the mind is a tool that when harnessed, can open the doorway to receive much more in life?

Body Key – will gift you tools to turn your body from a enemy to a lover. To become a greater partner in the creation of a greater life, beyond all the judgments which you have piled upon it until now… Judgment contracts and kills the cells in our body.  What if we would be willing to celebrate the masterpiece that is our body?

Sex Key – will gift you the tools to connect to the your creative energy in the world, and you will become the creators of a greater reality, in which you will receive much more than ever, through the willingness to have and to be more sex and orgasm. What if your definition of sex and orgasm is exactly what prevents you from receiving greater in this life and the world?

Money Key – will gift you the tools on how to become the energy of money, that will allow you to be a greater invitation for money, with far less effort, than ever… What if the more you are willing to receive money, the more you will have to give other?

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