Fourth magnet for Abundance and Pleasure – Sex, Orgasm and Receiving – What’s the Connection?

What if it’s possible for us to be and receive far more money, fun, inspiration, and pleasure from life, when we’re at ease and relaxed with sex and orgasm?

What if, in the energy of the word sex, there’s a lot more than copulating and touching?

What if when we defined sex as sexuality, we’ve already turned sex into a judgment?

In today’s world, sex has become a currency of receiving and giving, and within sex after all is the inherent possibility of creating life, being creation itself.

That means that within the word itself is the power of never-ending creation.

A lot of people don’t allow themselves to be sexual and enjoy their sexual nature. This happens for example to many couples who live together for a few years.

We use our sexuality to get a relationship, and once we’re in the relationship itself, many of us don’t allow ourselves to continue to be that magic. 

What if being more sex and orgasm is our way of getting more if what until now, hasn’t materialized for us?

How can this key contribute to me?

We’ll learn to break down and release everything we’ve defined as sex and orgasm that don’t really allow us to be and experience more sex and orgasm. 

We’ll have a body that’s willing to be more sex and more orgasm and more pleasure than ever before.

We will leave with the joy of new creation and living and even a willingness to receive more money.

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Stay in touch with me for more Inspiration

Stay in touch with me for more Inspiration

••• Who am I?

Sharona Hadar Houri has a unique perspective of the world. ‘If you ask who I am today? I am in service of the creation to be a change in this world.  One that has not yet existed here.  A change that creation has been asking us to be for so long.”

“Connected to the truth of each and every one of us, the truth that will create more, for all of us and for the whole world.

If we act in accordance with this truth in every choice, in every moment, our reality will change beyond recognition.”

What if it is possible for us to be and receive with ease, much more than we ever have before, when we are willing to let go of survival, struggle, difficulty and suffering? 

‘Ever since I discovered and uncovered more of my truth, everything has changed beyond recognition in every area of my life –  health, body, money, career, relationships.  It is now impossible for me to go back to my old way of thinking.

I have found that as I change, I facilitate wider and wider circles around me to be inspired to choose to be, to percive, to know and to receive much more.

The joy of discovery and the rapid changes that I and all those around me experienced, created within me the knowing, that this is the path I choose to be and to invite others to more and more. 

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