How to be the master” of your mind and not the other way around …

Our mind is our current awareness, a sum total of all our thoughts, emotions and perception of reality. Our mind has one function which is to help us survive throughout life.  It protects us, but at the same time it also inhibits and stops us from thriving. From getting more.

Survival = settling for less, settling for the minimum available to us so we can survive.  

If we look at it this way, we can immediately recognize that this is a consciousness of lack. 

Many try to fight the mind, but what if we agree to join it instead? 

We’ll be friends with the mind and discover what it can do for us, and what it can’t.

It’s the principle of least effort that runs the mind, and our mind always goes after what it already knows. 

The whole point is to teach our mind that something else is possible. Together we’ll forge new ways together to teach our mind to work for us and not against us, and that way we’ll be willing to be and receive more than we know have ever known.

How can this key contribute to me?

We’ll get a new course of action based on 9 words and 9 questions that allow us to recognize, to be and receive our truth, even more. We’ll learn to recognize things beyond the survival stories our mind tells.

We will turn our every choice into something that is already present in our lives, and attract for us what we’d like to receive with ease and joy.

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Stay in touch with me for more Inspiration

Stay in touch with me for more Inspiration

••• Who am I?

Sharona Hadar Houri has a unique perspective of the world. ‘If you ask who I am today? I am in service of the creation to be a change in this world.  One that has not yet existed here.  A change that creation has been asking us to be for so long.”

“Connected to the truth of each and every one of us, the truth that will create more, for all of us and for the whole world.

If we act in accordance with this truth in every choice, in every moment, our reality will change beyond recognition.”

What if it is possible for us to be and receive with ease, much more than we ever have before, when we are willing to let go of survival, struggle, difficulty and suffering? 

‘Ever since I discovered and uncovered more of my truth, everything has changed beyond recognition in every area of my life –  health, body, money, career, relationships.  It is now impossible for me to go back to my old way of thinking.

I have found that as I change, I facilitate wider and wider circles around me to be inspired to choose to be, to percive, to know and to receive much more.

The joy of discovery and the rapid changes that I and all those around me experienced, created within me the knowing, that this is the path I choose to be and to invite others to more and more. 

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