"Until you make your subconscious aware, he will run your life and you will call it fate."

-Carl Young

••• How to embrace yourself to be greater?
During the six-month empowerment program we will use your personal map of destiny, according to centuries-old Chinese astrology. In each session, we will completely dissolve and destroy the patterns you’ve carried over from the previous lives, patterns that are actually guiding you to this day. Every pattern you take apart will allow you to be everything that you are, that until now you weren’t willing to BE.

Each of us deserves to actualize his dreams in this lifetime, that is why we are here.

Each of us is a world in and of itself.

Do we have free will and choice or is there a plan written for us in advance?

What if we are hiding our power?

What if we have contracted and diminished ourselves for years?

What if for years we’ve resisted being the potency we are?

And for what?

So they will accept you?

So they will love you?

In order for you to feel that you belong, that you fit in?

 Just to not to be too much…..

What if I told you that the majority of the way you function until now has been determined by someone else’s choices?

Of another life.  These choices manipulate us like puppets on a string. 

If you know you are light, but your light is too weak. 

If you feel you have a lot to give, but you are not seen.

If you want to experience success, growth, fulfillment, but you feel that something unclear is blocking you,

I invite you to this empowerment program.

How will we do this?

Using the four pillars of destiny method – an ancient Chinese method that is thousands of years old and has its roots in ancient Jewish Kabbalah.

  • We will learn to have clarity and recognize the root of all your choices.
  • We will learn to create our world anew and be the architects who design and build our ultimate inner home.
  • We will learn to be the magicians who bring to life our most wonderful dreams.

The energy of the group allows the changes to materialize with great power and speed.

There is a magic in this program that has already contributed to more than 70 masters who are ready to go out into the world and shine in every area of ​​their lives – 

relationships, money, body, self-confidence and more…

This is the magic that the six-month empowerment program,
Embrace yourself and be greater
will allow you to be.

What will you get when you choose to join the next group?

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The price of the program is 6,000 NIS

For those who are ready now to receive the full course Five Keys to a Life of Pleasure Plenty


10% on the semi-annual empowerment program for those who purchase the 2 programs


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