"Imagine a beautiful world Less sad than it is now And we're there walking with the sun in our pockets. And above the rooftops, the stars And time pass without fear. ״

-Shlomo Artzi

••• Relationships, from Fighting and Sacrifice, to Closeness

Imagine a world where you are no longer struggling. You are peaceful and in allowance of everything going on around you, without the need to align, agree, resist or respond.

Reaction and resistance are actions that activate the “force of resistance” and do not allow the other side to do anything other than resist us in return.  In this case, both sides lose.

This resistance creates, and will keep creating, the opposite result of our inner desire. 

What if I told you it was possible, even after years together, to renew the relationship you have with the same person?

Yes, it is possible to create a different relationship – not only with people, but with everyone and everything around you.

Do you wonder how?

The workshop Relationships from Fighting and Sacrifice, to Closeness allows us to melt everything we have defined for ourselves about what a relationship is.  These are definitions that do not allow us to be in a space of intimacy, partnership, camaraderie and closeness.

The workshop is actually revising and updating the old formula of conflict, sacrifice, and victimization which run many of our relationships today.

It’s that simple.

What do we do in the workshop?

We’ll release everything that you’ve defined, about your relationship with the body, your money, your spouse, the family, and the world.

Then we will use the magical question to change the experience of your relationships,  from one end to another, with ease.

It’s that simple.

How was the workshop created?

I created the workshop as part of the process I went through in my relationship, after a long struggle with loneliness that has accompanied me throughout most of my life, in all the relationships I have had, including my current relationship.

In recent years I found another way, and ever since, my relationship with my body, my money, my business, my family and my spouse has been on track of endless expansion, connection, growth and closeness that has never been before.

I could never keep the magic all to myself.

Look at this as a personal invitation

I invIte you to 4 hours of disillusionment and the choice to be and receive more in all of your relationships with yourself, your body, your spouse, your family, your money and the world.

What if it’s time to turn all your relationships into relationships that work for you, and not against you? 

It is possible for you too.

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The value of your investment in getting much more out of all your relationships is 380 NIS

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