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What is Destiny & Choice?

It’s a unique technique I developed in combination with the magical tools of Access Consciousness and the “Four Pillars of Destiny”, the Chinese personal chart. 

What is destiny?  What if everything is a choice? 

The ability to undo everything that is written as destiny… and to choose anew what empowers you to be more of you, with ease…

Wow, this is us, what else is possible for us to choose to be that we were not ready to be until today?

The special reading is done during a 3 hour session, which can be recorded or written down.  In the session, we will learn the language that created your chart, and the balance and imbalance in all areas of your life, which affected all the choices you made so far… the conscious choices and those that you weren’t yet aware of… After the session, there will not be another choice that will be unaware.  When lies are exposed to the light of awareness, they dissipate easil.  with the simple tools of Access Consciousness, they no longer return. How does it get any better than that?

What is a birth chart - your map?

For the past 18 years, I have specialized in diagnosis and counseling according to the “Four Pillars of Destiny” chart, also mistakenly called Chinese Astrology. The chart reveals our previous choices, in a simple technique of balance and imbalance according to the language of the five elements, the ten natural frequencies that according to ancient Chinese philosophy created all that is.  

Even in the Jewish Kabbalah, everything is created by the energies of the ten sefiro.  Ancient knowledge allows for clarity and synchronization with ease with everything that is. 

The patterns revealed by you map allow an insightful diagnosis of all areas of your life – career, health, couple hood, relationships, family, children, achievements, performance, money, abundance, status, intelligence, knowledge and more … 


Your investment value is changing

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••• Feng Shui Consulting A house to grow up in

What is the Feng Shui method?

Proper planning is the essence of the Feng Shui method, which is quite contrary to the popular belief that Feng Shui is all about the design and creation of a pleasant atmosphere. Everything begins and ends with finding a proper location – using the Feng Shui method, you can find the most favorable location for the house, and within the house, all the functions. Designing and changing the space using the tools of the Feng Shui method, it is possible to create healthy buildings that attract abundance, support nurturing relationships and also create money!

Analysis of home and office

Reviewing a home or office takes two to three meetings, depending on the size of the building and the number of people who live or work within it.

The first meeting is both a diagnosis and consultation. The analysis includes an introductory conversation with the couple, or the business owner, a review of the structure carried out with an architectural plan, and practical solutions for upgrading the home / business.  The second meeting takes place after the recommended corrections have been implemented, up to one year from the date of the original consultation, to check-in, to support and review all the outcomes.

••• Consultancy steps for building or renovation
  • First meeting – Introductory meeting including the collection of data from the land/building in order to diagnose it according to the Feng Shui method, The “Daozing” (Geobiology) inspection of the earth and a conversation with you and your vision for the planning of building or renovation of your home.
  • Second meeting – At this meeting already, by using diagnosis and analysis of the land’s/building’s potential, all the options and possibilities for planning according to the land/existing building are laid out. For your personal maps and your vision. During this meeting I will refer to all the layers that are related to the location planning of all the functions in the home – fitting of the bedrooms and sleeping directions for each one, the living room’s location, the dining area, etc. From this step, the clarity makes the planning and execution process easier.
  • Third meeting – Meeting with the architect and interior designer where I will explain the rationale of the method and how the land and existing building potential can be implemented in the best way possible. ***Between the third and fourth meeting you may send me a plan for insights/remarks – I don’t limit the number of plans that are sent to me until we reach the final decision regarding the planning.
  • Fourth meeting – During this meeting I will give my recommendations for interior design including reference to colors, materials, lighting, and exterior design, the garden limits that encompasses your home.
  • Fifth meeting – In case it involves construction guidance, the meeting will take place outside when the measurer is placing and marking the limits of the construction on the land plot. This meeting is especially important because this method is dependent on the accurate placing of the structure according to a compass and unfortunately, I have experienced that measurers have a margin of error of up to 10 degrees…a fact that can completely change the plan of the home. During this meeting, I will manage another diagnosis and treatment of the land on which you are building your home, and of course will answer any questions that will arise about the home. In case it involves the renovation of an existing building – the meeting will take place in the existing building before/during the renovation in order to coordinate the renovation process with the plan we agreed on.
  • Sixth meeting – Will take place before entering the new or renovated home…during this meeting we will re-discuss the topics of object placements, colors, material, lighting, garden design, and more…additionally, together we will do an energetic purification (a completely Jewish ritual…) to the area so that the move into the home will be done in an atmosphere that is clean from residues of the past…

    Moreover, I allow telephone guidance throughout the process for any questions that might arise, also in regards to the architect or construction contractor…and I will help choose the blessed date of entry into the new or renovated home.

    What do I, Sharona Houri, bring to this process – the joy of creation, the deep knowledge, the diverse experience, creativity and great planning skills.

    Building a home = building a life…for me, building a home is an experience of creation and birth – just like a child…and that’s why it’s important to treat the process with love, with sensitivity, and with attention to all the small details…

    We spend on our homes thousands and hundreds of thousands of shekels for materials, faucets, and appliances…what I “sell” has to do with your lives, your livelihood, your success, and your love…my knowledge changes lives.

For a quotation for a consultation, leave details
For a quotation for a consultation, leave details