Heal the house, heal the earth ... Geobiology course

״”Diseases are mainly caused by where we live” (Dr. Hartman, 1953)
Geobiology, that’s the whole secret.
This is what geopathic pressure creates in a person. Diseases.

Working with locating rods, diagnosis and treatment. An amazing tool that suits everyone and deserves to be in every home …
What is possible that this knowledge will contribute to your life?
‘Wow, Sharona, it was amazing today.
Feels like returning home to ancient knowledge ‘
“Thanks to you from today I will listen to my body a little more”
“I felt a bit like Harry Potter and the Magic Stick… I found myself stunned by this thing … I could not grasp how and what activates the rods … magic!”

For me, the rods are no longer a “tool”, but a continuation of my body. A part that connects easily to the material within me and takes me into a natural dialogue with all the forces of existence. I thank creation for the right to pass this knowledge on … (:

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